Product Warranty


CARLIKE® warranty policy:

Item Quality warranty

CARLIKE 3000P Series

PET Liner

2 Years

CARLIKE 3000 Series

Paper Liner

2 Years

CARLIKE 5000 Series

TPU Transparent, TPU Colored

5 Years

About Quality Warranty: During the quality warranty period, the film surface has no obvious fading, no obvious yellowing, no cracking, and no residual glue on the car paint after removable.

After the product is installed,according to the classification of the product,
the following quality assurance is provided within the
corresponding unified warranty time:

1. Ensure the self-adhesive properties of the film, without non-touch
deformation, delamination or natural separation from the car body.

2. Ensure that the appearance of the film surface does not produce
obvious sun light fading.

3. Ensure that the film and the paint surface are peeled off with almost
no residual glue. The original paint has no shedding damage
(the paint is peeled off or damaged in the secondary spray part,
which is not within the guarantee range, and the result of the inspection
of the paint composition of the authoritative organization shall prevail).

4. CARLIKE® and the construction unit will not be responsible for any
damage caused by car body, membrane damage and improper
maintenance caused by natural disasters, external forces or strong acid
and alkali objects.

5. When the film is removed, it shall be professionally removed by the
installer. The film body damage or paint surface damage caused
by the owner's unauthorized operation shall not be undertaken by
CARLIKE and the install shop.

6. If the scratches or damage caused by human beings can be repaired
or replaced by the construction unit, the damaged parts can be repaired
at the install shop.