CARLIKE CL-HL-CM Chameleon Headlight Tint Color Film

  • $29.99

Material: High flexible polymeric PVC film

Color effect: Normal Colored

Surface Type: Flat, Simple curves

Opacity: Translucent

Air bubble free: No

Film produce technology: Calendered

Film thickness (with glue): 120micron, 4.8mil

Release paper: Transparent

Adhesive thickness: 30μm

Adhesive color: Transparent

Adhesive content: Solvent polyacrylate

Adhesive features: Permanent, Removable

Adhesive type: Pressure-sensitive

Adhesive power: 18N/25mm

Temperature resistance: -40°c to +200°c

Heat temperature: More than +120°c

Tensile strength: Along min. 19Mpa, Across min. 19Mpa

Elongation: Along min. 130%, Across min. 150%

Durability: 1 year

Removability: Removable with heat

Application method: Dry

Application temperature: +8°C minimum (air and substrate)

Application: Car headlight, Car taillight, Glass

Application surface: Compound curves, Concave surfaces, Corrugations, Flat, Simple curves
Features: Stretchable, Removable, UV proof, Weather proof, Water proof, Resistant to solvents, Easy cleaning


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