CARLIKE CL-SJ-48 Super Gloss Crystal Racing Green Vinyl

  • $199.99

 Series: 3000


Color: Super Gloss Crystal Racing Green

Model number: CL-SJ-48

Characteristic: Super stretch, incredible restorable

Performance level: Premium+

Film produce technology: High polymeric with double casting

Film thickness: 160micron, 6.4mil (with glue)

Release paper: 160g/m2, silicone coated

Adhesive thickness: 30μm

Air bubble free: Yes

Application: Car wrap

Application temperature: From +80°С to +120°С

Temperature resistance: From -40°С to +120°С

Storing period: 2 years if stored in +10°С to +25°С, relative humidity 50%, in original package, away from direct sunlight, clean and dry place

Package: Full roll width 1.52m, length 17m, weight 13KG

Packing size: 1.55x0.18x0.18m

Remark: the full roll 1.52x17M/5x56FT usually is enough for wrap a full sedan or SUV. If your car is larger, please choose 1.52x23M/5x75FT, we will send 1.52x6M/5x19FT + 1.52x17M/5x56FT.

Quality warranty: 2 Years, during the quality warranty period, the film surface has no obvious fading, no cracking, and no residual glue on the car paint after removable.

Data Sheet
Surface Opaque
High Polymeric PVC
sensitive adhesive
Solvent-based Removable
Releaser liner 160G double PE coating
High density air channels
at break
Tear strength  37.2 N/10mm
Test Method: ASTM D3759
Glossiness Gloss 95-110Gu
Matte 5-30Gu
Viscosity Initial tack:700-800g/25mm
After 24 hours:1800-2000g/25mm
After 3 months: 1500g/25mm
Peel strength 2.5N/25mm
Test Method: ASTM D3330
Temperature resistance  -40°С to +120°С
ultraviolet test 
Gray Level: 4-5
Test Method: ASTM D4329-13A

CARLIKE CL-EM Matte Electro Metallic Car Wrap Vinyl

CARLIKE CL-EM Matte Electro Metallic Car Wrap VinylCARLIKE CL-EM Matte Electro Metallic Car Wrap Vinyl

CARLIKE CL-EM Matte Electro Metallic Car Wrap Vinyl

Caution: The product images, colors on the screen are approximate. For the real representation of the product color, please check the color swatch.

Super Gloss Crystal Racing Green Car Sticker

The Spirit of Racing Green:

At the heart of this captivating car sticker lies the iconic color Racing Green. Racing Green has a storied history, originating from the early days of motorsport when British racing cars donned this distinguished hue. Evoking the prestige of motorsport heritage, Racing Green embodies a timeless and elegant charm that harks back to the days of classic racing legends. This rich and deep shade of green symbolizes passion, speed, and the thrill of competition, making it a natural choice for car enthusiasts with a penchant for racing and performance.

Super Gloss Finish: Radiating Brilliance on the Track

The term "Super Gloss" in the product name signifies a remarkable level of shine and reflectivity that elevates the Racing Green color to a new level of brilliance. The Super Gloss finish creates a mirror-like surface that amplifies the depth and intensity of the Racing Green hue. When the car catches the sunlight on the track, the Super Gloss Crystal Racing Green Car Sticker comes to life, exuding a radiant allure that sets the vehicle apart from the crowd.

Crystal Clarity: Sparking the Racing Spirit

To further ignite the racing spirit, the "Crystal" component adds an element of visual allure to the car sticker. Tiny, light-reflective particles embedded within the vinyl film create a captivating crystal effect that shimmers and sparkles with movement. This prismatic clarity infuses the Racing Green color with a dynamic dimension, invoking the feeling of speed and motion, reminiscent of cars tearing down the racetrack.

Premium Quality Vinyl: Endurance and Elegance on the Road

Crafted from premium-grade vinyl material, the Super Gloss Crystal Racing Green Car Sticker ensures both durability and elegance. The high-quality vinyl offers resistance to the elements and wear, ensuring that the car sticker maintains its pristine appearance over time. With proper care, the Super Gloss Crystal Racing Green Car Sticker endures the rigors of daily driving, preserving the racing spirit in impeccable style.

Unleash the Racing Spirit:

The Super Gloss Crystal Racing Green Car Sticker is not just a decorative element; it is a symbol of the racing spirit. It allows car owners to showcase their love for motorsport and embrace the thrill of the track, even on everyday journeys. Whether adorning the hood, sides, or rear of the vehicle, this car sticker exudes a spirited presence that resonates with fellow motorsport enthusiasts and passersby.

Easy Application and Removal:

The Super Gloss Crystal Racing Green Car Sticker offers the convenience of easy application and removal. Car owners can confidently apply the sticker to their vehicles, secure in the knowledge that it adheres smoothly without bubbles or wrinkles. Moreover, when the time comes for a change or an update, the sticker can be removed without damaging the car's paintwork, allowing for seamless transitions between different designs.

Conclusion: Embrace the Racing Passion

The Super Gloss Crystal Racing Green Car Sticker is a celebration of automotive aesthetics and racing passion. With its captivating Racing Green hue, Super Gloss finish, and Crystal clarity, this car sticker unleashes the racing spirit, allowing car enthusiasts to showcase their love for motorsport and performance. Embrace the allure of this extraordinary car sticker, and ignite the racing passion that adds a dynamic and spirited touch to your vehicle on and off the racetrack.

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